Preparing for the Real World

SHPE | UIUC has a diverse pool of talent from one of the best engineering curriculums in the nation. Most members are bilingual and have had technical and leadership experience. As one of the largests engineering societies on campus, SHPE|UIUC has developed a great environment that allows for successful engineers to go out into the corporate world and be an asset to any company.

Our Sponsors

We thank our current corporate sponsors for their tremendous support in the chapter's events and programs.

How to Get Involved

Every year, corporate representatives speak to our members through a variety of events such as workshops or company sponsored General Body Meetings. Companies typically speak to the students about an area of professional development, and then speak to members about the various opportunities their company has to offer.

Please take a look at our quick introductory video and sponsorship packet to get a better idea of what SHPE is all about and ways to become involved. If you have any questions or want to set up an event. feel free to contact our external vice president, David Romero, at


Our partners' support of the chapter is recognized and include additional benefits as pescribed by the following tiers. If you would like to make a gift to the chapter, please visit the page below. Under the "Other" category, please indicate "SHPE-UIUC".

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