About the E-Board

The Executive Board consists of twelve elected chapter members that are responsible for their respective programs and committees. They serve the membership of the chapter and organize events that provide value to the student body. For any questions about SHPE membership and programs, feel free to reach out to any member of the board.

President | Tony Calles

Senior | Civil Engineering 

Tony is ready to start his senior year. He has been involved with SHPE since his freshman year and has loved every minute of it. The culture, people, and opportunities SHPE offered to Tony has made him want to offer those same things (plus more!) as president to new and current members. Besides SHPE, hobbies of his include playing sports and traveling.


Internal Vice President | Monica Fernandez

Junior | Mechanical Engineering

Monica is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She was first introduced to SHPE her junior year in high school when she took part in SHPE's HSV program. Coming into the year she hopes to serve as a mentor to the New Member Roundtable and help them develop the skills they need to become great leaders.


External Vice President | Oscar Ortiz

Junior | Aerospace Engineering

Oscar Ortiz is a Junior in Aerospace Engineering and has been involved with SHPE since he attended High School Visitation in 2016. He's proud to help promote the professional development pillar of SHPE through workshops, and corporate events. His hobbies include graphic design, reading, drawing, and running.



Treasurer | Raymundo Muro Barrios

Senior | Materials Science & Engineering 

Raymundo is studying Materials Science and Engineering, and as a Senior, is ready to lead SHPE to infinity and beyond. His attitude? Unstoppable. Work ethic? Impeccable. Always honoring his Mexican roots, Raymundo's got his head in the clouds but his feet on the ground.


Secretary | Citlalli Ruiz

Sophomore | Psychology 

Citlalli is a sophomore studying Psychology and earning her certificate in Leadership. She loves her family, learning, meeting new people, and music! Catch her working in the SHPE office or on the field with the Marching Illini!


Membership Chair | Juan Cepeda

Junior | Computer Engineering 

Juan Cepeda is a real G. Juan is a Junior studying Systems Engineering. He is very chill and his mission is to make SHPE members feel welcome into the familia!


Publicity Chair | Icabel Rodriguez

Junior | Industrial Engineering 

Icabel is a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering, she was first introduced to SHPE during her senior year of high school where she attended HSV with SHPE. She has been apart of the organization since her freshman year of college and hopes to strengthen the chapter's marketing this year by utilizing the chapter's social media platforms with her new role this year.


Community Service Chair | Elmer Perez-Hernandez

Senior | Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Elmer is a senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is passionate about helping others in his community and has taken it as his duty to lead this effort in SHPE. Outside of SHPE he likes being involved in a large array of activities ranging from playing volleyball to making a concrete canoe.


High School Outreach Chair | Matthew Mota

Sophomore | Civil Engineering 

Matthew Mota is from Chicago and is the current High School Outreach Chair for SHPE. While he may be one of the youngest members of the executive board (and have little idea of what he is doing), that does not stop him from trying his hardest. Many of his hobbies include video games, hanging with friends and stealing jokes that he hopes his friends have never heard of before. Matthew is dedicating his time to high school outreach in hopes of making the world a better place. With nothing but passion in his heart, Matthew hopes to make the upcoming High School Visitations, and high school visits, a success this year.


Academic Chair | Yoshihiro Koyake

Junior | Materials Science & Engineering 

Yoshi is a Junior Majoring is Material Science and Engineering. He enjoys watching the Oakland A's and Raiders as well as snowboarding. Coming into the year, he hopes to continue the academic success that SHPE has proven in past years.


Technical Projects Chair | Selena Torres

Senior | Electrical Engineering

Selena is passionate about empowering the Hispanic community to pursue higher education and inspiring women to pursue fields in STEM.


Student Advisor | Kevin Peralta 

Senior | Mechanical Engineering 

Kevin is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in the Hoeft Technology and Management program. On campus, he is involved in Illini EVconcept and Pi Tau Sigma. In his free time, he loves to play soccer, travel, and go to concerts.


Graduate Ambassador | Federico Cifuentes-Urtubey 

1st Year Ph.D. Student | Computer Science

Federico is a Ph.D. student conducting research in wireless network security, and he has been involved with SHPE since being a founding member of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's (UMBC) SHPE chapter in Spring 2015. He is committed to the mission of promoting the advancement of Hispanic students in STEM through graduate development workshops and peer mentorship. He also loves coffee and reading about environmental sustainability.


Election Requirements

A) Active membership for two (2) semesters.

B) 2.8/4.0 Cumulative & Semester GPA.

C) Must be a University of Illinois student with a major (i.e. not undecided).

D) Must be a chapter AND national member (i.e. you must have paid chapter ($10) and national ($10) dues).

E) Must have filled out and delivered the Executive Board Application Form to the president in person or in the President's Drawer at the SHPE Office.