About the E-Board

The Executive Board consists of twelve elected chapter members that are responsible for their respective programs and committees. They serve the membership of the chapter and organize events that provide value to the student body. For any questions about SHPE membership and programs, feel free to reach out to any member of the board.

President | Sergio Navar

Senior | Systems Engineering

Sergio is a senior majoring in Systems Engineering. He joined SHPE his sophomore year. As the current President, he hopes to continue growing SHPE and making it a home for all members, old or new. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer and beating people in FIFA.


Internal Vice President | Tony Calles

Junior | Civil & Environmental Engineering

Tony is an incoming junior at the University of Illinois. In his free time, he likes to browse through memes and YouTube, but he never lets it get in the way of watching the newest season of the Bachelorette.


External Vice President | David Romero

Junior | Bioengineering

David is excited to continue to maintain and build the external relations of the chapter. When he's not studying, he's at the gym (or making excuses for not going), making pasta, or volunteering my time to do service around the community/campus.


Treasurer | Ana Rivero

Sophomore | Bioengineering

Ana is a champion in Bioengineering and, as an incoming sophomore, is excited to tackle the role of Treasurer for this year. In addition to counting dollars for SHPE, she counts the number of hours she has spent on lab reports and homework.


Secretary | Isabel Diaz

Sophomore | Environmental Engineering

Isabel joined SHPE after attending 2016 Spring HSV. New Member Roundtable Secretary 2016-2017. Attended SHPE National Conference at Seattle, WA. Helping Omar Joya with updating the SHPE website. Catch me updating my google calendar, riding my bike, or studying in the SHPE office and say Hi!


Membership Chair | Alexis Montoya

Junior | Civil & Environmental Engineering

As an incoming junior, Alexis has a lot of wisdom to share with the rest of the SHPE chapter. When he isn't helping his fellow members out, he's probably talking about how great Spain is or something along those lines.


Publicity Chair | Denis Salinas

Senior | Chemical Engineering

Denis has been part of SHPE since her freshman year and knows the ins and outs of everything. She adds much needed sass to the SHPE membership and hopes to strenghten the chapter's marketing this year by utilizing the chapter's social media platforms.


Community Service Chair | Ana Artiaga

Senior | Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Ana has been involved with the Community Service committee for several years already and is confident that she can bring impact to the community. Even though she's learning about plants and tractors at school, she has an interest in policy and working with government on a national level.


High School Outreach Chair | Oscar Ortiz

Sophomore | Aerospace Engineering

Oscar first became involved with SHPE when he attended the 2016 Spring High School Visitation program. He was greatly involved with the SHPE Roundtable last year as the RT President, and the High School Outreach committee. He attended the SHPE National Conference at Seattle, WA. As HSO chair, Oscar understands the importance of reaching out to Hispanic students, which are often underrepresented, in order to convince them of the value of higher level education and promote interest in STEM. In his free time, Oscar enjoys reading, drawing, graphic design, and going to the gym.


Academic Chair | Kevin Peralta

Junior | Mechanical Engineering

Kevin is ready for his junior yer as Academic Chair. Besides being smart and responsible, which is a quality that all Academic Chairs share, Kevin also likes to talk about Spain a lot.


Technical Projects Chair | Eros Garcia

Sophomore | Electrical Engineering

Eros is an incoming sophomore in Electrical Engineering and props to him, because ECE is terribly difficult. Besides building robots in his free time, he enjoys coloring books and coloring outside the lines.


Student Advisor | Francisco "Pancho" Garcia

Senior | Technical Systems Management

Pancho has been involved with SHPE since his involvement in HSV many years ago during his junior year of high school. In his free time he enjoys playing video games and riding ATVs.


Election Requirements

A) Active membership for two (2) semesters.

B) 2.8/4.0 Cumulative & Semester GPA.

C) Must be a University of Illinois student with a major (i.e. not undecided).

D) Must be a chapter AND national member (i.e. you must have paid chapter ($5) and national ($10) dues).

E) Must have filled out and delivered the Executive Board Application Form to the president in person or in the President's Drawer at the SHPE Office.